About Us

Atlanta Female Sub’s Munch is an Atlanta based, real-time, bi-monthly (every two months), lifestyle social munch group exclusively for all types of female s-types over the age of 21. The term “sub” is used as an abbreviation to included all female s-types (submissive/slave/littles/pets/switches/bottoms/etc.).

The Atlanta Female Sub’s munch is open to all new and current lifestyle female s-types and curious self-identified female s-types who serve, choose to serve, desire a dynamic, or who are in a dynamic or power exchange. This group welcomes all female and female-identified s-types regardless of race, sexuality, sexual preference, or specific kink/fetish. We are LGBTQ friendly and respect the female energy within.

Our primary goalĀ is to create a safe, warming, and welcoming social environment for those female s-type who desire to meet others who share the same interest in the BDSM lifestyle. Our purposeĀ is to share, teach, and learn about realistic approached to positive BDSM participation.

This group is comprised of adults ages 21 years and older. Respect, privacy, and confidentiality, and discretion are adhered to but all.

We want to grow the group offline by making real-time connections and meeting/munching consistently.